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Seem to be having issues installing Ioncube loaders on CentOS 5.9. I followed this guide to install Ioncube:

but it's still not working on the site at all, I keep getting this error on BoxBilling, which is the system that I'm trying to get working:

ionCube loader is required to run BoxBilling. Instructions to install ionCube loaders or contact support

No idea why? I've looked around and looked around on google, but there doesn't seem to be many articles on it, I could get it working on CentOS 6.3, but we recently were forced to downgrade, and now I can't get it working. Any ideas?

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Just great, a tarball that users are supposed to drop in the system. And that is supposed to be a CentOS 6 specific package.

Just see if there is a CentOS 5 package around.

[For the record, the fact that this is a CentOS 6 package, but doesn't use the package system of that distribution at all, is a shrill alarm sign. I'd avoid packages like that like the plague. No dependency management, no sane way to update, no record of the installed package. Toxic.]

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