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I'm trying to do something with a cron wrapper and my cron looks something like

* * * * * root /usr/bin/wrapper cd /tmp/ && ls 

Then wrapper looks like



When I run it I can't get the semi colon or && to work as I'm hoping.

[root@domain.net ~/test]# pwd
[root@domain.net ~/test]# ls
[root@domain.net ~/test]# ./test.sh cd /tmp && ls

So in that case it goes into tmp then the weapper script exits.. and it runs ls in my cwd.

If I add '' around the command I get

[root@domain.net ~/test]# ./test.sh 'cd /tmp && ls'
./test.sh: line 3: cd /tmp && ls: No such file or directory

I'm guessing with the "$@" it is trying to add in the single quote to the command being run

I support I can strip out the single quotes before the "$@" but I was hoping not to do that.. any tips or is this even solvable in bash?

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/usr/bin/wrapper cd /tmp/ && ls gets parsed as (/usr/bin/wrapper cd /tmp/) && ls. Even if you do manage to pass the arguments to wrapper properly, it doesn't understand them; && is a shell construct. I'm not sure exactly what you were aiming for with this wrapper script, but I suspect you can just replace it with bash -c, which takes a string and tells bash to evaluate it as though you'd typed it directly into the shell:

* * * * * root bash -c "cd /tmp/ && ls"
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