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I attempted to install Debian through a CD, with the initial .exe working fine. However, when I rebooted and went through the installation procedure, my system could not tell that there was a disk there (or the media was unreadable). Now whenever I boot up my computer, I get the choice between continuing on to windows or to complete my installation. How do I remove that choice? Do I have to go through BIOS or are the files on my Windows partition?

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What initial .exe? AFAIK Debian doesn't supply Windows executables, and I don't see it listed on their downloads page (although I'll admit I only skimmed it). Where did you get it? – Michael Kjörling Jan 26 '13 at 23:11
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Well the post is very old but since noone gave Marcos credits for the right answer i will .

Although , via msconfig i couldn't find the "continue with the installation" partition in my disk as a start up thread , nor with diskmanagment , the solution is really simple :

1.Open cmd (Run:cmd )

2.Type bcdedit (as Marcos suggested)

3.You will find the booting partitions (this term doesn't really exist :P )

4.Spot the partition that says "Continue with installation" as a description

5.Copy its identifier (yeah, that long number :P)

6.Finally, type bcdedit/delete "identifier" , where in the place of identifier you have to put the identifier you selected , without the quotations .

This worked for me in Windows 7 so i guess it can do the job in most of the systems .

Good luck ;) !

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don't forget to put the curled braces around the number {number} – Ismail Marmoush Dec 31 '13 at 7:28
I am always wondering why answers like these are so hard to find if not for stackexchange. – Bob Kruithof Mar 22 '14 at 16:56

Looks like Debian puts an entry into the Windows Boot Manager for itself and it's partitions. You will need to edit the Windows Boot Configuration Store to remove the incomplete Debian entry. You should be able to edit the Store via msconfig (GUI) or bcdedit (Command line).

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Thank you for the initial command, but I found Peter's answer to be much easier for me (windows noob) to follow – Timidger Apr 21 '13 at 18:37

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