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I currently use Ping.fm to post to multiple social networks at once, but it's been irritating me for a while and I'm thinking of writing a tool to replace it for myself. But I figure it's possible that someone has already done that. To be a suitable replacement it needs to handle twitter, and facebook; myspace, linkedin, and google buzz are a bonus, of course everything else is frosting. In addition to allowing me to send messages it must also be able to read multiple rss feeds and aggregate them to the networks I set up. If 2 or more tools, in conjunction can be made to do this that is also acceptable, e.g. feedreader | cleanupforstream | post2stream.

If it doesn't exist I think I'll just write some Perl to do it for me, and put it on CPAN.

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Gwibber has the ability to send to multiple services at once. According to their website it supports the following protocols/services:

  • Twitter
  • Identi.ca/StatusNet
  • Ping.fm
  • Facebook
  • FriendFeed
  • Buzz
  • Digg
  • Flickr
  • Qaiku

As far as I know, it has the ability to receive content from all of the listed services, but I'm not sure if there is a way to receive arbitrary RSS feeds.

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ugh... it pulls in gnome.... that's just probably not going to work for me probably. – xenoterracide Jan 22 '11 at 8:02
"ugh" indeed. I see no reason for this to pull in gnome considering the requirements listed here: bazaar.launchpad.net/~gwibber-committers/gwibber/trunk/view/… – Steven D Jan 22 '11 at 19:22
well I'm much too lazy to figure out which dep on arch pulls in a large chunk of gnome, esp when I run kde – xenoterracide Jan 25 '11 at 21:50

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