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Does xmms2 have bindings either a Python API or a command line tool to find the album cover art of an MP3?

Related to xmms2 notification with album art under Awesome.

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If you want a generic way to do that, that involves a single command or function, sorry this isn't it.

Assuming you know the location of the of the covers, for example ~/.xmms2/clients/generic/art/ you just need the name of the file corresponding with a particular album and artist.

According to the wiki the name of the image file is calculated using the md5 checksum of the "$artist-$album" all in lowercase, resulting in something like 186bdc073dcbab197caa9000e441a740-thumbnail.jpg for the album "Some Album" from artist "Some Artist". You can calculate this with a few shell commands.

COVER=$(echo "Some Artist-Some Album" | tr [A-Z] [a-z] | md5sum)
COVER="${COVER%  -*}-thumbnail.jpg"

You can replace "Some Artist-Some Album" with "$artist-$album" given the values you need are actually stored on those variables.

Using ${COVER% -*} because md5sum adds a " -" at the end of the generated string, maybe there is a better way to fix that.

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