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Originally I used pacman, not pacman-color and I copied the output into a file and I displayed the output in the terminal with the following command :

pacman -Syu | tee file.log

Unfortunately, it seems that pacman-color detects that the output is sent to a pipe and it deactives the colored output.
So my question is how to force pacman-color to display a colored output even if the output is sent to a pipe? As with yaourt :

yaourt -Syu --color | tee file.log

Or maybe there is a way to do it without using pipe or tee?

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Try this

script -c 'pacman-color -Syu' file.log

Idea taken from here.

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Wow awesome it works !!! I had already read the question you linked but I hadn't understand the power of 'script'. And with the '-q' option is usefull to only print the command output. – Nicolas Jan 21 '13 at 12:01

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