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I have an hourly hour-long crontab task running with some mtr (traceroute) output every 10 minutes (that is going to go for over an hour prior to it being emailed back to me), and I want to see the current progress thus far.

On Linux, it can be done by accessing the open fd of the temporary file to which the results of the script are saved.

How can I do this on OpenBSD?

I've tried doing fstat | fgrep -e USER -e cron -e mtr, but couldn't find any temporary files at all.

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Whether the cron job runs for one hour and gives the output ? –  pradeepchhetri Jan 19 '13 at 9:59

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You have to intercept the output (or find out where the temporary file is). Dunno how to do this in *BSD, sorry. But consider that unless that file is unbuffered, you'll get to see output only each time it fills up a buffer (prbably around 4 KiB), which could take quite some time. Is it too costly just to do the comand by hand if you want to take a look of current status?

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