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I'm at my wit's end with this.

After a lengthy series of events I've been trying to install libreoffice on Centos 6.3 using yum

I've was successful in the past but after encountering some seg faults when using it with unoconv. I tried installing and uninstalling numerous other versions of both LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

No I'm trying to go back to my initial set up I'm presented with a long list of errors of the nature:

Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-calc- (updates)
           Requires: libuno_cppuhelpergcc3.so.3(UDK_3.6)(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-calc- (updates)
           Requires: libreoffice-ure = 1:
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-calc- (updates)
           Requires: libuno_cppu.so.3(UDK_3.3)(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-core- (updates)
           Requires: libuno_salhelpergcc3.so.3()(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-core- (updates)
           Requires: libuno_sal.so.3(UDK_3_0_0)(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-base- (updates)
           Requires: libjvmfwk.so.3()(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-calc- (updates)
           Requires: libuno_sal.so.3(UDK_3.1)(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-core- (updates)
           Requires: libuno_sal.so.3()(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-core- (updates)
           Requires: libuno_cppu.so.3(UDK_3.1)(64bit)
Error: Package: 1:libreoffice-calc- (updates)

I believe I deleted something I shouldn't have but I have no idea where to start.

Any help or advice on fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

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Use yum repolist to see what repos are active and put the output here. – drcelus Jan 18 '13 at 7:35
Sounds like libreoffice-ure- package is not installed. – Deer Hunter Jan 18 '13 at 13:39
yum reinstall <packagelist> should fix things. – vonbrand Jan 21 '13 at 5:00

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