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Is it possible to configure zsh to expand global aliases during tab completion? For example, I have the common aliases:

alias -g '...'='../..'
alias -g '....'='../../..'

but when I type for example cd .../some<tab> it won't expand to cd .../something or cd ../../something. Consequently, I frequently won't use these handy aliases because I can't tab complete where I want to go.

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Try looking up zsh abbreviations. They allow you to enter an "abbreviation" which automatically gets replaced with its full form when you hit a magic key such as space. So you can create one which changes ...<SPACE> to ../...

For example, this is what you need in your profile:

typeset -A abbrevs
        "..." "../.."
        "...." "../../.."        

#create aliases for the abbrevs too
for abbr in ${(k)abbrevs}; do
   alias -g $abbr="${abbrevs[$abbr]}"

my-expand-abbrev() {
    local MATCH
    zle self-insert

bindkey " " my-expand-abbrev 
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I have a custom ZLE widget for this, just drop it somewhere in a directory in $fpath. You can then configure it this way.

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