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When I try to load Fedora on my desktop, the screen flickers as the "f" fills up. After the "f" fills up, the screen continues to flicker but does not advance to the login screen. Additionally, the screen is offset a random amount (that changes each time) so that when I move my mouse all the way to the left it wraps around to the right for a few hundred pixels. I used to deal with this problem by tapping the power button to enter sleep mode - when I tapped it again to resume the problem would be fixed.

However, after recent updates, the power button no longer seems to start sleep mode and I can't figure out another way to do it. I can't open the terminal from this view to debug in any meaningful way. I've tried the last three kernels (I don't have more previous ones saved) and they all have the same problem.

Searching around, I can't find much on Fedora flickering + not properly booting. Does anyone have any suggestions? What kind of hardware specs should I provide to make this an easier problem to solve? I'm not sure if this is a Fedora specific problem or a general linux one because I have only Fedora and Windows installed on this computer.

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If you edit the boot parameters to temporarily remove "quiet splash" you could get some more useful information on where in the boot process things go wrong. Also it would be useful to know some basic hardware info about your computer like laptop/desktop, video card, motherboard, CPU, etc. – jmathew Jan 15 '13 at 17:32
Report this at bugzilla.redhat.com – vonbrand Jan 21 '13 at 4:12

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