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I have a problem with mpi in a 3-box cluster with machines named head, node1 and node2 respectively. I install a newer version on node2 and the problems arises. When I include only head and node2 in the mpi ring, and try to boot with mpdboot from head, I get the error:

mpdboot_head (handle_mpd_output 399): from mpd on node2, invalid port info:

When I try to boot from node2, I get the error:

mpdboot_node2 (handle_mpd_output 426): from mpd on head, invalid port info:

However, if I boot mpi with mpd manually on head and then add node2 into the mpi ring, no errors are issued.

What's more, mpd can be boot without any error on head and node1 only. Is this some problems related to downward compatibility? How could I solve this?

Any hints will be highly appreciated. Thanks and Best Regards!

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