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I need to use two different linux distros simulanously work some learning (network administration learning) purposes, I chose Ubuntu/Fedora or ubuntu/SUSE families. and decided to select a lightweight derivation of such of these three, for Ubuntu selected Lubuntu, But I do not know lightweight but complete distros that derived from the other two families. which you recommend. I have a two year old laptop (Core i5 cpu, 4G ram) and cannot dedicate lots of resources to virtual machines. I don't need X, and can (and prefer to) shut it down at first. I run Lubuntu (without X) with 128MB of RAM and it works fine.

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I wouldn't consider Lubuntu a derivative. It's just Ubuntu with different packages installed by default. The equivalent for Fedora would be the LXDE spin. For network administation learning, there shouldn't be a desktop.You are unlikely to find one on a server. – jordanm Jan 9 '13 at 23:03
You could install Fedora text-only (haven't done so for some time, so memories are fuzzy and surely outdated). Select text installation, and then to select packages by hand. Select just what you need. I'd recomend to save the configuration as a kickstart file, so you can replicate it later. OpenSUSE should be similar, and they also have a way of automatical installation. – vonbrand Jan 22 '13 at 0:45

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