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How to grep number of occurrence of two different words e.g. 'register' and 'evn' in a file on Linux ?

The output should be like following:

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You should clarify the requirements. 1) Multiple occurrences of a word on the same line should be counted as 1 (as in McNisse's answer) or should count each (as in my answer)? 2) All words with the same base should be counted (as in dchirikov's answer) or only exact matches (as in my answer). – manatwork Jan 9 '13 at 11:37

Use awk

awk '/register/ {r++} /evn/ {e++} END {printf("register:%d\nevn:%d\n", r, e)}' /path/to/file 
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In case reversed output format (count first, word after) is also acceptable, this does it too and is easy to add more words:

tr -c '[:alpha:]' '\n' < /path/to/file | sort | uniq -c | grep -w 'register\|evn'
  • Counts each word occurrence, even if there are multiple occurrences in the same line.
  • Counts exact matches of the words, not including the suffixed variants.
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You can calculate it separately:

$ word=register; count=`grep -o $word /path/to/file| wc -l`; echo $word:$count
$ word=evn; count=`grep -o $word /path/to/file| wc -l`; echo $word:$count
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You don't need to wc -l. grep -c gives the count directly. – McNisse Jan 9 '13 at 11:35
echo $word:$( grep -wc $word /path/to/file )

Works with Bash/Ksh and GNU grep

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