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If I change Vim's highlight setting, how do I "reload" it for colorschemes to take effect?

So, in my case, I remove highlight's cursor line number—

se hl-=N:CursorLineNr

Changing highlight from—

highlight=8:SpecialKey,@:NonText,d:Directory,e:ErrorMsg,i:IncSearch,l:Search,m:Mor eMsg,M:ModeMsg,n:LineNr,N:CursorLineNr,r:Question,s:StatusLine,S:StatusLineNC,c:Vert Split,t:Title,v:Visual,V:VisualNOS,w:WarningMsg,W:WildMenu,f:Folded,F:FoldColumn,A:D iffAdd,C:DiffChange,D:DiffDelete,T:DiffText,>:SignColumn,-:Conceal,B:SpellBad,P:Spel lCap,R:SpellRare,L:SpellLocal,+:Pmenu,=:PmenuSel,x:PmenuSbar,X:PmenuThumb,*:TabLine, #:TabLineSel,_:TabLineFill,!:CursorColumn,.:CursorLine,o:ColorColumn


highlight=8:SpecialKey,@:NonText,d:Directory,e:ErrorMsg,i:IncSearch,l:Search,m:Mor eMsg,M:ModeMsg,n:LineNr,r:Question,s:StatusLine,S:StatusLineNC,c:VertSplit,t:Title,v :Visual,V:VisualNOS,w:WarningMsg,W:WildMenu,f:Folded,F:FoldColumn,A:DiffAdd,C:DiffCh ange,D:DiffDelete,T:DiffText,>:SignColumn,-:Conceal,B:SpellBad,P:SpellCap,R:SpellRar e,L:SpellLocal,+:Pmenu,=:PmenuSel,x:PmenuSbar,X:PmenuThumb,*:TabLine,#:TabLineSel,_: TabLineFill,!:CursorColumn,.:CursorLine,o:ColorColumn

(I've emphasized the change.)

But the cursor line number is still "highlighted"!

Changing highlight doesn't update the colorscheme—so how do I "force" an update? I've tried setting syntax coloring off then on again and changing colorschemes to no avail.

(Cross-posted from StackOverflow.)

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Your settings look very unreadable and mashed together. Is this your .vimrc file? If so you can reload it with

:source $MYVIMRC

or if it's some config file your .vimrc doesn't select for you, you can source that file directly as

:source ~/.vim/path/to/configfile.vim

or similar. Hope this helps.

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