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In KVM/QEMU machine window size by default matches guest OS resolution. But if I resize windows (accidently) how to restore default size?

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In the future, you can also try to use man (in a terminal). This gives you the user manual. You can seek a word by pressing "/" (without the quotes) and then cycle through the references using "n":

man qemu
/restore <enter>

To quit, type "q".

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The same man page you're linking to offers a quicker solution: press Ctrl+Alt+U. – Marius Gedminas Jan 28 at 9:19

Assimunig you're talking about virt-manager or virt-viewer:

Click "View", select "Resize to VM"

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I don't use virt-*. I have only qemu window and qemu console – atomAltera Jan 8 '13 at 9:05

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