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Is there any way to quickly disable/enable color coding in vimdiff ? The problem is, I have colored text in vim and the text is invisible is the text-color is Red, and the vimdiff too tries to put a background color of Red, making it hard to read.

So, I would like to disable the color coding for sometime, for verifying the text and re-enable it later. Any quick, easy way to do this?

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You can easily deactivate the coloring in vim


And to turn it on again

:windo diffthis
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Syntax highlighting in vim can be turned off/on with :syntax off and :syntax on.

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put this in your .vimrc:

if &diff
    syntax off

what it does is disable syntax highlighting if you start in diff mode.

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TERM=vt100 vimdiff should invoke vimdiff with a TERM temporarily set to vt100. (until the command finishes). This makes it easy to try others : xterm or xterm-color or xterm-256color , etc.

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