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I have two set of server. Test on production. All server have internal ip. currently I am using alias to login:

Host pro-10
ProxyCommand ssh production-server nc %h %p

For every server I need to repeat this rule. I am looking for a regualr expression way for doing this ?

Host pro-*
Hostname 192.168.1.$1
ProxyCommand ssh production-server nc %h %p

Is there a way of doing this ?

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No, ssh doesn't support regular expression in ssh_config (1) and the example you gave aren't regular expressions. ssh_config (1) supports PATTERNS, i.e. you can define a pattern for your IPs, i.e:

Host 192.168.1.*
  ProxyCommand ssh production-server nc %h %p

and you should be able to have forwarding for all your internal IPs. Another solution would be to add entries to /etc/hosts for the specific IPs, i.e: pro10 pro11

and create one entry in your ~/.ssh/config file:

Host pro1?
  ProxyCommand ssh production-server nc %h %p
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thanks for answer. Pattern will not work for me as it is internal ip, so Ip b/s test and production system will be getting conflicted. – Vivek Goel Jan 6 '13 at 6:47

I don't believe that a regular expression is possible to dynamically set up the SSH configuration. However, you should be able to use a for loop in Bash to automatically create the three lines in the config file for each server. For this example, I will assume you need to create entries for servers pro-75 to pro-125.

for i in $(seq 75 125);
    echo "Host pro-$i" >> ~/.ssh/config
    echo "Hostname 192.168.1.$i" >> ~/.ssh/config
    echo "ProxyCommand ssh production-server nc %h %p" >> ~/.ssh/config
    echo "\n" >> ~/.ssh/config

This will build a list of all numbers from 75 to 125 and store that as the list for the loop. It then loops through each member of the list and replaces $i. Each line is appended to the end of the SSH user config file. Finally, I included the newline to break up the configuration file just a little bit.

If you have specific values which are needed on the list, rather than a contiguous segment of numbers, then build a list manually, like this:

1 23 45 67 89
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No it's not possible unfortunately. As you probably already know you can use the %h expansion, but that's about it.

In your case why not use a for loop?

for i in {4..10}
  echo -e "Host pro-$i\nHostname 192.168.1.$i\nProxyCommand ssh production-server nc %h %p\n"; >> ~/.ssh/config

The only other option I could come up with is, maybe create DNS entries with regexp, if your server supports this and then use those.

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with ProxyCommand its possible - because its just a set of shell commands:

Host pro-*
ProxyCommand ssh production-server nc 192.168.1.`echo "%h" | perl -pe 's/pro-//'` %p

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