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In windows music files have metadata like artist name, album name associated with them. How is this metadata stored. Is it stored in file system like other file attributes or is it part of MP3 data that Windows Explorer extracts using a MP3 reader plugin?

Is it possible to read/change this information in Linux? Is it possible with commandline?

(I know these attributes can be set using Rhythymbox or some music player but I'm curious if these could also be set directly. Like in Windows the windows itself shows you artist information if you right click the file and open properties dialog)

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I use Amarok on Fedora 16 and that hits lyricwiki to get not only the metadata but also lyrics – amphibient Jan 4 '13 at 16:02
For FLAC and Vorbis files I use lltag and eyeD3 for MP3 files. – Marco Jan 4 '13 at 16:20
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The tags are stored in a data container located within the MP3 audio file. Some software I use:

  1. easytag (GUI)
  2. id3v2 (CLI)
  3. Picard (GUI)
  4. id3tool (CLI)

Also, many music players have tag editing features. The official site for ID3 has the file format specification and a history. As far as right-clicking a file to set a tag, it's almost certainly not a standard feature for any file manager in Linux because of the patent issue. So, you would be trying to find an add-on package for your file manager to gain that functionality.

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