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I use ssh to log into a remote machine and then I use the screen command to create a virtual screen.

Now, if I type in exit normally I should only exit the screen and return to the remote ssh terminal but the reality is the exit command exits the ssh and I return to the local terminal. Why?

Besides, if I run a program/process in the virtual screen, I can't use C-a d to return to the remote ssh terminal, it just echoes back ^A^A^A^A^A^A^A^A^A^A^A^A^A^, and doesn't return to the remote ssh terminal.

root@remote_lab:/home/esy# time bash test.sh  2>&1|cat > temp

What could be going wrong?

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Describe what happens when you run screen (what appears on the screen and where). What terminal are you running in on your local machine? What does echo $TERM show locally, in the ssh session, and after running screen? What happens if you type C-a ? after running screen? – Gilles Jan 3 '13 at 1:27
What you described sounds exactly like the behavior with no screen running, so I second @Gilles's question... – njsg Jan 8 '13 at 17:30

Are you sure that you are in a screen?

If so, the TERM variable should look like this:

$ echo $TERM
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