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Can I, using preseed, make the debian installer report its progress to a server?

I'd imagine something like calling wget http://x.tld/stage_finished.php?s=partitioning_completed to report the progress.

Right now, I have to wait until the late_command hook to implement a progress report, but that's called just after the setup is finished.

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What you can probably do, is to write your own d-i udeb and load it via preseed, and use it to call and external URL as you requested. But you may only hook it in /lib/debian-installer.d/ /usr/lib/base-installer.d/ /usr/lib/post-base-installer.d/ /usr/lib/pre-pkgsel.d/ /usr/lib/finish-install.d/. So, basically, you only get a few fixed hooks. More information on d-i Available hooks

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