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How to verify if the name of a .xml file name ended with .any-string? e.g. .previous or .backup or bck12 etc ...

I need to print the XML file name except for XML files that end with .any-string or have anything after the .xml

How to verify this with grep or awk or sed or perl or any other idea? Something like

 echo $file | .....


  1. machine_configuration.xml: yes
  2. machine_configuration.xml.OLD: no
  3. `machine_configuration.xml-HOLD: no
  4. machine_configuration.xml10: no
  5. machine_configuration.xml@hold: no
  6. machine_configuration.xml_need_to_verifi_this: no
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this isnt typical xml file -:) – yael Jan 2 '13 at 12:25
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Use the regex end-anchor ($), e.g.:

echo "$file" | grep '\.xml$'

To find all files ending with "xml", I would suggest using the find command, e.g.:

find . -name '*.xml'

Would recursively list all xml files from current directory.

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If I understand correctly, you want to detect whether a file name ends in .xml.

case $file in
  *.xml) echo "$file";;

If you want to do something when the file name doesn't match:

case $file in
  *.xml) echo "matched $file";;
  *) echo "skipping $file";;
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If you have the filename in a variable already, a good approach would be parameter expansion

$ echo $file
$ echo ${file%.xml*}.xml

Where the %.xml* is that the last occurrence of .xml and everything behind it will be deleted. Therefor I also echoed a .xml again.

Or, to have the test as well

$ file=test.xmlslsls
$ file2=${file%.xml*}.xml
$ if [ $file = $file2 ]; then echo $file; fi
$ file="test.xml"
$ file2=${file%.xml*}.xml
$ if [ $file = $file2 ]; then echo $file; fi

Or, on a single line

$ if [ $file = ${file%.xml*}.xml ]; then echo $file; fi
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easiest way ...

echo  file=machine_configuration.xml | cut -d '.' -f 1
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