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The only way I know to set VFAT volume name under Linux is mkfs.vfat -n desired_name ..., which obviously destroys volume's contents.

Is there a way to change the volume name non-destructively, as Windows does?

This name is conveniently used to name the volume on auto-mount.

(I'd gladly use a better FS, but all my cameras want only VFAT-formatted flash media.)

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You can use dosfslabel (from the same package as mkfs.vfat):

dosfslabel /path/to/device newlabel

Or mlabel from mtools:

mlabel -i /path/to/device ::newlabel
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Interestingly, dosfslabel from current Debian stable was unable to set the label on a 16GB vfat volume, but the version from Ubuntu 12.04 worked. – 9000 Feb 7 '13 at 14:49

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