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I have created a desktop launcher for Midnight Commander in Fedora LXDE environment but this does not work. Where did I make a mistake?

$ cat mc.desktop 

[Desktop Entry]

mc.sh is simple bash -c '/usr/bin/mc'

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mc needs to run inside a terminal emulator, which is itself an application. There are various terminal emulators (xterm, aterm, eterm); generally DEs (such as lxde) have one of their own -- in lxde's case, it's lxterminal. Check what happens if you type lxterminal & on the command line ;) With regard to your launcher, change the Exec line in mc.desktop to:

Exec=/usr/bin/lxterminal -e mc

Presuming that's where the executable is (check with whereis lxterminal). Alternately, you could change mc.sh to do the same thing, but the above is more straight-forward.

See man lxterminal for an explanation of the -e option.

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