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How do I access the Shift-Insert (paste) clipboard from a script? You can see what I use here.

Edit: A demonstration how it works, with xclip:

echo hello | xclip -selection secondary
xclip -o -selection secondary

Edit 2: Just implemented the solution below. This will make my life so much easier so I thought I'd share it.

First, the script pst:


echo -n `xclip -d ":0" -o -selection clipboard`

then, in .emacs:

(defun pst ()
 "Inserts the X clipboard (xclip -d :0 -o -selection clipboard) at
point. `M-1' (the '(1)) to insert in the current buffer."
  (shell-command "pst" '(1))
  (end-of-line) )

Now, in any tty, paste with pst, in Emacs (anywhere, but specifically in a tty, as in X, you already have Shift-Insert) M-x pst.

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xclip will allow you to access the PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and CLIPBOARD selections, choosing which one with the -selection option.

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