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In XFCE 4.10, you can enable an option that allows windows to tile automatically when dragged to the edges. The default is to tile to half the screen (half-top, half-bottom, half-left, or half-right). I want to change this so that dragging to the top edge maximizes a window, but I don't see any options in the settings anywhere to change this. Can this be done or am I out of luck here?

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I'm afraid you're out of luck, unless you want to patch the sources (and possibly also offer the patch upstream). However there are two alternative approaches:

  • assign maximizing the window to double clicking on the window header

  • use keyboard short-cut (it used do be Alt+F5, but I'm not sure what the default is today).

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Ah, I was afraid this would be the case. I already do use the other two alternatives but it's always felt clunky to me since I'm much more used to my mouse. Thanks though. – Michael Cheng Dec 24 '12 at 7:58

Since its designed to only go half way.

I use alt+space And then press x

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