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Are there any wgetpaste alternatives?

As a clarification...

wgetpaste is an extremely simple command-line interface to various online pastebin services.

The basic usage is to simply upload a local file to a pastebin-like online service for sharing.

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When you ask a question like this, you should explain what wgetpaste is (write a sentence or two, and link to the home page or Wikipedia article or something), and say what you're looking in an alternative (extra feature, easier to use, more portable, …). – Gilles Jan 15 '11 at 15:37
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I use an online service called sprunge.us. It lets you post pretty simply like this

command | curl -F "sprunge=<-" http://sprunge.us

I have curl -F "sprunge=<-" http://sprunge.us | xclip aliased to webshare on my system, so it becomes simply command | webshare. The added xclip at the end gets the url into the X clipboard; it's not on every system, and there are several other tools out there like it.

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I use ix.io with an account set up in .netrc with its command line tool installed; its simple and cool.

Then you can either pipe stuff through it like the above answer:

command which produces output | ix

or directly paste a file:

ix <filename>

this returns the url.

Then I additionally set up a git alias for this so that I can easily paste my format-patches and get an url for it:

  post = !sh -c 'git format-patch --stdout $1 | ix' -

To paste a patch I do, for example:

git post HEAD~1

or to paste whatever is in your current buffer in vim:

:w ! ix

for uploading files, not too big: http://paste.xinu.at/ with its client.

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The real power behind ix.io for me is the ability to re-use fixed URLs, by editing my own posts via an account & token. – Marcos Nov 26 '14 at 22:00

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