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While installing Subversion on AIX (version 7.1) from the official site, there are dependencies I need to resolve first before I can proceed to install the subversion package. While installing the dependencies package, there are a bunch of other dependencies package are needed to be download and install as well.

Is there a program for AIX that could automate the installation process? Something like apt-get on Ubuntu.

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There is a place. No as comfortable as apt but nevertheless.

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There is no package manager as such for AIX right now. You can try installing RPMs from IBM's website:


To install: rpm -i .rpm

If there are dependencies again, search for the package in the above link, download it and install them and try again.

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Well there are filesets and rpm packages available for the user to download and then install them using "installp" or "rpm" command. So Unless you use "SUMA" to automatically upgrade the packages, there aren't online repositories available to directly install the packages but you will have to download them explicitly and then install them.

If you want the dependencies to get resolved as well then you can go in for "installp -g" command to install the fileset with dependencies but then you will have to make sure that the filesets are available on the system.

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