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I'm learning zip and I have run into something I cannot figure out in man zip. When I run zip -r $folder $folder it will correctly zip all contents but the zip contents is as follows:


That is annoying to me and I wanted the zip outcome to be:


Suggestions on being able to create a zip file with the folder name and all contents?

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Not directly through zip, but (cd test && zip -r ../test.zip *) should do.

Edit: I do not know of an option in zip which allows to the equivalent of tar -cf test.tar -C test . (which does exactly what you want).

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zip -rj $folder $folder

Will remove directories when adding files to the archive. with info-zip.

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that works but deletes any folders that may exist. I'm trying to only prevent the main folder from being duplicated – Darth_Vader Dec 19 '12 at 17:23

I realized what I forgot when I asked a friend. In the loop I had set a global variable for the location. In the for loop I forgot to add cd $folder before the zip process which caused it to zip the folder and the contents.

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