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Let's assume I have a Linux box configured as a primary domain controller with 50 users connecting at any given time. If I wanted to create two groups, one called "Teachers" and the other "Students" How could I script something so I wouldn't have to individually type out each command for each user when adding them to their appropriate group?

This is what scripting is all about yes?

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A loop in this format will work:

while read i ; do 
    command_name "$i"
done < filename

The file named filename would contain a list of users, one per line. For the command name command_name use useradd -G {group-name}.

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Change group1 and group2 to your desired groups, and use -M user1,user2,user3,... as the users.

for group in group1 group2
do gpasswd -M user1,user2,... $group
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