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My raspberry Pi keeps killing imagemagick's convert command when I'm resizing images, especially larger images.

Is there any way I can prevent this?

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Have you checked the output of dmesg? You almost certainly don't have enough RAM and the OOM killer aborts the convert process. – scai Dec 18 '12 at 14:33
yes it most certainly is an Out of Memory kill, but what can be done to mend this? Getting more memory isn't an option. Yet I refuse to believe that some jobs would be totally impossible just because of low memory. – romeovs Dec 18 '12 at 14:38
You can create a swap partition (or a swap file) or increase the size of it if you already have one. But this will slow down the conversation significantly as well as other running applications. – scai Dec 18 '12 at 14:53

Try using ImageMagick's resource limiting settings: convert -limit memory 1G ... This will limit memory usage to 1G when running.

To see what the current resources available, run: convert -list resource

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I just tried out a library named epeg, which is based on libjpeg. It's proving to be very fast. If you're just doing simple resizes, and not using imagemagick many other features, you should consider epeg.

I posted various test results here:

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