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After installing a Ricoh Aficio SP 100su E printer (it does scanning as well), I've tried a tenth of the GDI and PCL (5e/6) generic and Ricoh drivers without any success.

I've learned from Ricoh that this printer uses GDI standard... but these drivers don't seem to work. No errors occur, but no pages are printed out.

Has anybody succeeded to print under Linux with this one?

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I also have this printer, so I wrote a driver which you can use with it.

This is a GDI-printer. It uses PJL with JBIG1 images to interact with host.

You can download this driver from my github account, madlynx/ricoh-sp100.

Installation instructions:

  1. Copy pstoricohddst-gdi to cups' filters directory (usually /usr/lib/cups/filter).
  2. Install jbigkit package (jbitkit-bin in Ubuntu)
  3. Make sure it is executable by lp user.
  4. Add printer through CUPS' web interface, click 'Choose file' at driver select page and select supplied .PPD file, continue to setup.
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did not work for me. When I select the PPD file and go "Forward", I get "There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-not-possible'". – sureshvv Dec 17 '13 at 18:17

What Linux distribution is this? Everything up to date? What sort of printing system does it use (What does man lpq say? If the last line includes CUPS, it is CUPS. Others I don't know offhand.)?

My printing system here gets tied into knots sometimes, restarting the print system unwedges it most of the time.

That printer isn't listed at OpenPrinting, the one with a similar name I found (SP 1000S, can't say if it is really similar) is listed as only partially supported. In any case, that database is maintained by volunteers sending in data, and is missing much information.

Does the manufacturer say anything on Linux support? Does it work on Mac OS X (if it doesn't, it is a safe bet it won't work on Linux)?

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