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I followed this https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Upgrading_Fedora_using_yum#Fedora_17_-.3E_Fedora_18 guide to upgrade my Fedora 17 to 18.

All was fine until I issued su -c 'yum --releasever=18 --disableplugin=presto distro-sync -y'. My PuTTY disconnected. Obviously it is because Cleanup: openssh-server-5.9p1-22.fc17.x86_64 306/574

How can I skip OpenSSH during the distro-sync so my upgrade works fine?

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yum has a --exclude=[package] option which exclude package from updating, but not sure if it works with distro-sync. anyway, even if it works, will openssh-server-fc17 works on Fedora 18? remotely upgrade is some kind of dangerous which can cause out of control – LiuYan 刘研 Dec 17 '12 at 4:38
I issue su -c 'yum --releasever=18 --disableplugin=presto --exclude=openssh* distro-sync -y' its succeed until end of the process after reboot what @LiuYan刘研 worried about is true. openssh-server-fc17 NOT working on Fedora 18. – RiseCakoPlusplus Dec 17 '12 at 5:54
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Install a separate ssh daemon - either another copy of OpenSSH or e.g. Dropbear - into the system, possibly into /opt or $HOME, run it on a different port. Also run the update in a virtual terminal multiplexer (tmux, screen..) to prevent troubles resulting from losing/dropping the connection halfway through the upgrade.

Using statically linked binaries for both the extra ssh daemon and the virtual terminal multiplexer would make sense as well in this case.

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I would also reccomend running inside a screen or tmux session. However, have you ever looked at FedUp to upgrade from F17 to F18? I gave it a try to upgrade my system, entirely remotely, and it worked.

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Why cant you use fedup or preupgrade followed by upgrade? These are standard upgrade methods.

Fedora update = fedup.

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I had to deal with this since upgrade form F15. Just upgrade openssh-server beforehand:

yum -y remove openssh-server\
&& yum -y --releasever=18 install openssh-server\
&& service sshd restart

You can do it safely over ssh. And then you can run the upgrade as usual:

yum -y --releasever=18 --disableplugin=presto distro-sync
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