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I have a Thinkpad Edge E130 running Sabayon (a Gentoo-based distro), and I'm fighting the well-know bug Xorg 255 keycodes limit.

My laptop has the Fn+F4 hotkey for Mic Mute/Unmute. This is the problem:

  • showkey -k shows keycode 248 on Fn+F4 keypress
  • showkey -s shows nothing on keypress
  • xev shows nothing on keypress (because 248+8 [added by kernel] is bigger than 255)

If a key has a keycode, it must have a scancode too. With getscancodes program indeed I got 26 as scancode:

# ./Sabayon/getscancodes/getscancodes /dev/input/event6 
Input driver version is 1.0.1
Input device ID: bus 0x19 vendor 0x17aa product 0x5054 version 0x4101
Input device name: "ThinkPad Extra Buttons"
26 (0x1a)
26 (0x1a)

According to this thread, my guess is simply to change the keycode of the hotkey with a smaller, unused one. For example 120 seems to be unused according to my $ xmodmap -pke

I have tried with

# setkeycodes 0x1a 120

but without success, the keycode is always 248 checking with showkey.

How is the proper way to change keycodes?

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  1. Use showkey to know your key scancode:

    $ sudo showkey -s
    0xe0 0xXX
  2. Kernel will add 8 to you code, use 112 instead 120:

    $ sudo setkeycodes e0XX 112
  3. Use xmodmap to make your key report XF86AudioMute keysym:

    $ xmodmap -e "keycode 120 = XF86AudioMute"
  4. Optional. Press you key when creating shortcut to what you want in the settings of your DE.

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Actually I switched to Debian Sid and Fn+F4 works out of the box here (maybe just because I have a newer kernel version). But thank you anyway, your solution looks good and I hope will help other people. – ital Sep 26 '14 at 8:47

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