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I'm a Java programmer who's rather new to Linux. I'm on Suse / Gnome and I need to create a window which:

  • Is visually translucent/transparent. This is the usual alpha blending that composes a foreground image with a background image, while allowing the background image to be visible "through" the foreground image.
  • Is transparent to mouse events, in other words the window accepts no mouse events and all such event are passed through to whatever lies underneath.

I successfully got the visual transparency but not the mouse event transparency. When I test the environment translucency capabilies with Java I got that:

 - TRANSLUCENT = false

The compositing is activated. I changed compositing type from OpenGL to XRender and vice versa. But it didn't change anything. Do I have to change of Window Manager or activate some options?

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Did you ever find the solution? – nilsge Apr 7 '14 at 22:52

Transparency to mouse events you will have to program as window behavior. Visualy transparent is something the windowing system you select provide.

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