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I have a Debian Squeeze variant (MintPPC 9) installed on an old Mac Powerbook G4 (PowerPC CPU). I wish to boot it into a multiuser CLI login shell instead of automatically booting into the login screen for LXDE. I do, however, wish to keep GDM or whatever DM is used by LXDE since I also use it to switch between LXDE and Awesome WM.

I wish to boot by default into a CLI login shell; I could then startx to start my GUI if I need it. I am aware that Ctrl-Alt-(F1-6) will open a separate tty instance with a login shell but it seems wasteful to have a GUI running even if asleep if I am working purely from the command line particularly considering the limited resources of my Powerbook G4.

I now know how to do this on Ubuntu installs on other, Intel based machines, by configuring GRUB, however this machine uses Yaboot as the bootloader.

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The extra options in grub on the kernel line are in fact kernel boot options passed across to the kernel when loaded.

So if you are referring to appending text to the grub line in Ubuntu, then the same config should be able to be used for mint and passed to the kernel by Yaboot.

It looks like Yaboot supports an append= option

append="root=/dev/sda4 ro quiet splash text" 
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