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I subscribed to several mailing lists that prefix the Subject: header with a fixed string like [list-foo]. This clutters my index view and limits the usable space.

I'd like to strip this [list-foo] header from the index view. What's the best way to achieve that? Maybe a regular expression can be hooked into the index_format setting? I don't necessarily need to strip the prefix permanently, it's sufficient to not display it in the index. It may still show up in the pager and be included in responses.

I know that Claws-Mail has a function that does exactly this. It's called Simplify Subject RegExp.

If this is not possible using mutt I guess one option would be to permanently change the headers using a mail filter like maildrop (which I use for sorting, though not for header manipulation). Feel free to also add a solution that uses maildrop to strip the prefix from the headers.

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