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I am getting the error:

touch: cannot touch `/opt/tsrm/compliance/cme/log/20121207.log`: No such file or directory

on the touch command: touch $LOGFILE

I also checked the link: touch: cannot touch `foo': No such file or directory, But I didn't understand the answer.

Note: I was also getting mkdir: cannot create directory; I fixed this by adding the -p option.

Could this be something with the version of Linux I am working in?

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You do not have the path that holds the file:


That's where the error come from.

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Sounds like you misspelled the path. For example, this folder /stuff/more_stuff does not exist. This gives me the result:

user@linux:~ $ touch /stuff/more_stuff/stuff.file
touch: cannot touch `/stuff/more_stuff/stuff.file': No such file or directory

Both /stuff and /stuff/more_stuff need to exist in order for touch to work.

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Yes there might be chances of miss typo or directory not exists .

LOG_DIR=`dirname $LOGFILE`
[ ! -d $LOG_DIR ] && mkdir -p $LOG_DIR
touch $LOGFILE
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