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I run the following line on linux/solaris machine ( all output will write in to /tmp/Log from application.bin )

 ./application.bin 1>>/tmp/Log

We can see the content of the /tmp/Log file

 more /tmp/Log

/etc/opt/OA/share/conf/OpC/mgmt_sv/ui/registration/C/opc_op /etc/opt/OA/share/conf/analysis/system_odbc.iniaaaa

My question:

what I need to change or add in the syntax:

   "1>>/tmp/Log" ? 

in order to add space between each line as the following example


Remark – the option to add space between each line after /tmp/Log was created isn’t relevant

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./application.bin | sed '$!G' >> /tmp/Log
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$ meaning "only on the last line"; ! negate the line selector, i.e. on every line except the last one; G append a new-line to pattern (the line) and the "hold space" (empty by default) - equivalent of s/$/\n/ – peterph Dec 7 '12 at 0:13

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