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I've got a strange issue with my Conky setup:

enter image description here

What I'm looking to get rid of/fix is the fact that my CPU percentages (using ${cpu cpuX}) won't seem to pad properly. I'd like all values to be aligned vertically so that statuses never wiggle. Here's excerpts from my conky file:

# ...
pad_percents 3
# ...
${cpubar cpu1 6,135}$alignr${...}${cpu cpu1}%

How can I right align and pad CPU percentage values so they stop throwing off my layout? The equivalent printf would be %3.0f so that values will appear like this:

$ "%3.0f" % (1,) 
'  1'
$ "%3.0f" % (13,)
' 13'
$ "%3.0f" % (100,)

How can I make this happen in Conky for my CPU percentage?

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See: superuser.com/questions/178179/… – jasonwryan Dec 6 '12 at 21:07
Thanks, I wrote a Lua printf function which takes a format string and a value, works great! Only thing now is to set a monospace fonnt so we never see a wiggle due to difference in character widths. – Naftuli Tzvi Kay Dec 6 '12 at 21:17
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A solution provided by @jasonwryan above:

  1. Create a Lua script for Conky to use. I created mine in a folder I made in ~/.config/conky/scripts, but you can create yours wherever you'd like:

    $ mkdir -p ~/.config/conky/scripts/
    $ vim ~/.config/conky/scripts/conky_lua_scripts.lua
  2. Fill the file with the following Lua function:

    function conky_format( format, number )
        return string.format( format, conky_parse( number ) )
  3. Import your Lua script file into your Conky configuration file using the lua_load directive

    # ...
    lua_load ~/.config/conky/scripts/conky_lua_scripts.lua
    # ...
  4. Whenever you'd like to format a value, call the format function we defined earlier. Note that though we named it conky_format, we access it as format using the lua_parse variable:

    # ...
    lua_load ~/.config/conky/scripts/conky_lua_scripts.lua
    # ...
    ${lua_parse format %3.0f ${cpu cpu1}}%

This nice script allows you to call into Lua formatting engine with any value and format string. The output now looks as expected:


If you're familiar with printf, you can use the utility to do other awesome formatting hacks.

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