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Unlike rdesktop, when I press ALT + F4 in remmina, it doesn't react in the Windows system, but instead closes the remmina window.

Any thoughts?

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Remmina has this configurable in the 'Preferences' -> tab 'Keyboard' -> Field 'Grab keyboard'. On my Ubuntu installation this is the right Ctrl key.

Works for me and seems to behave like a toggle key. Pressing it again makes modifier keys working on the local machine again.

enter image description here

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The key point to note is, that by default all keys go through the window manager - this is why you have to tell the application to "grab keyboard" (i.e. to receive everything straight away) to be able to catch keys that would otherwise be filtered (and acted upon) by the window manager. – peterph Dec 6 '12 at 16:05

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