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I have over 1000 .csv files in a folder on Debian Squeeze. I am trying to create a new .csv file containing ONLY the first rows of each of these 1000 .csv files.

I tried:

read -r firstline < sourcefile_1.csv > headers.csv

But that only created a blank file. (And even if it did work, I would have copied only the first row of just one file.)

How do I write a command that copies the first rows of all 1000 files in the folder and add it to the new .csv file?

Thanks in advance!

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head -q -n 1 *.csv > output.csv
-q supresses the headers that normally get printed, -n 1 prints only the first line

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That worked! Fantastic! Thank you. – Spartanblogger Dec 4 '12 at 21:58

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