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How can I create (if the folder is new) or change (if the folder was already existent) permissions for a folder?

In particular, I want to create a subdirectory in /etc/bind/ where I can put the named_dump.db file, so I've to create the new directory with write permission for bind user and group.
First of all, is it right?
And if I want to change /etc/bind/ permissions and save there named_dump.db?

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Normally as root:

mkdir /etc/bind
chown bind:bind /etc/bind
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mkdir /etc/bind
chown bind:bind /etc/bind
chown bind:bind /etc/bind/named_dump.db

Should do the trick. The last command should done after named_dump.db is created or copied into place. You need to do this as root, or if sudo is implemented on your distribution using sudo if you are in the sudoers group.

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