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How can I perform a command on the selected items ?

for example calling vim, or gimp for the 5 text or image files selected.

I tried to make use of the inlined command line at the bottom, but it doesn't take my selection into account

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Press F2 for user menu and then choose Do something on tagged files or press @. In popup window you can provide your command.

It is important to notice that for each file command will be executed separately. It will be something like:

for file in files:
   COMMAND file


COMMAND file1 file2
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this also works when the cursor is on a file but it is not selected – törzsmókus Mar 27 '15 at 16:34

For one-liners, use "%t" at the command line, which gets substituted for a list of your selected items.

for F in %t; do echo "${F} is selected"; done
cp %t /var/somewhereelse/
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