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Is there an application to simply preview a font from a TTF file without installing it?

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gnome-font-viewer (part of GNOME of course) can do this (this is the default association for fonts under GNOME); indeed, it comes with a button to install the font, which obviously wouldn't make sense if the font needed to be installed already.

fontmatrix lets you organize groups of fonts to be installed or uninstalled, and you can preview them and see their features, whether installed or not.

Most font editors, like fontforge, certainly don't require the fonts to be installed to open them up and look at them...

There are others, I'm sure.

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Font Manager is very handy for previewing and comparing fonts. It doesn't let you open a TTF file, but in Linux "installing" a font is not a big deal, just copy it temporarily to ~/.fonts.

Font Manager

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