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I have server in local network and i have problem with local speed. On this server I put deluged 1.2.3 opentracker. So when users download torrent for all peers availeble speed is 100 mb, but if in this time i opening ftp and start download I can use full 1 gb channel. Why torrent clients can use all channel?

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BitTorrent is a fairly complex protocol...There are many possible issues limiting your speed. (Are you on cable?) Not sure if they apply in a local setting, too, though. – sr_ Nov 27 '12 at 13:53

Bittorrent uses checksumming and multiple connections. It will require quite a bit more CPU and cause much more disk seeking than FTP. Check the output of top, iostat, vmstat, etc to see what is your limiting factor.

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Thanks. Tommorow I'll try another computer. It be core2duo 3ghz 3gb memory. I want install on thic pc ubuntu 12.04 and create raid 0 on 4X3tb hards, for filesystem I'll choose xfs. I have around 2 tb files or 600 torrents. Also I put site on nginx+php, opentracker and deluge. On current machine I use same hardaware cpu load at 10-20% memory using 200-300 mb active uploads in deluge 15-25. – jared Nov 27 '12 at 19:32

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