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Server A needs to connect over svn+ssh to Server B to grab some source files for deploying on Server A. My deployment script runs from my local dev machine via:

ssh serverA 'bash -s' < deploy.sh 

I have a passphraseless public/private key pair set up between Server A and Server B. When I log in a local session to Server A, I have keychain setup and svn+ssh connections to Server B aren't a problem. The deploy.sh script runs successfully on Server A from a local session. However when SSHing into it from my dev box the same script will not run remotely.

What way do I call ssh-agent from my deploy script to get Server B to accept connections from it when I run the commands remotely on Server A?

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Try using -A option in order to forward auth agent connection, something like this:

ssh -A serverA 'bash -s' < deploy.sh
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