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With the help of this guide, I am trying to install ffmpeg using these commands:

 # cd ffmpeg-php/branches/ffmpeg-php/ffmpeg-php-0.6.1/
 # replace 'PIX_FMT_RGBA32' 'PIX_FMT_RGB32' -- *
 # phpize 
 # ./configure --with-ffmpeg=/usr/local/cpffmpeg
 # make 
 # make install

But when I run this replace 'PIX_FMT_RGBA32' 'PIX_FMT_RGB32' -- * I get this error:

replace: Error reading file 'autom4te.cache' (Errcode: 21) replace: Error reading file 'build' (Errcode: 21) ffmpeg_frame.c converted replace: Error reading file 'include' (Errcode: 21) replace: Error reading file 'modules' (Errcode: 21) replace: Error reading file 'tests' (Errcode: 21)

And when I run make and skip that line I get:

/root/ffmpeg-php/branches/ffmpeg-php/ffmpeg-php-0.6.1/ffmpeg-php.c:171: error: expected '{' at end of input
make: *** [ffmpeg-php.lo] Error 1

Any ideas?

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Curiously, did you do all of that as root? I say that because # normally implies that the command is ran as root. – Tshepang Jan 29 '11 at 9:35

The errors from replace are harmless, it's just telling you (cryptically) that these files are directories and it can't act on them.

But you do need to run phpize and ./configure … before you can run make.

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yes i am running them before i run make.. – livetolearn Jan 10 '11 at 20:19

Probably, you would need to edit the only one file i.e. ffmpeg_frame.c

replace 'PIX_FMT_RGBA32' 'PIX_FMT_RGB32' -- ffmpeg_frame.c
make install

This should install ffmpeg-php on the server - you will need to add the ffmpeg.so file to your php.ini file like:


Restart Apache on the server once the extension is added.

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Can't you use yum?

On Ubuntu doing aptitude install php5-ffmpeg seems to automatically install ffmpeg and all it's dependencies. Perhaps the same package is available for CentOS?

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