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I have been installing several version of Komodo editor. (The installation consist of extracting a .tar.gz archive and then running an .sh script as root.)

Yesterday I installed Gnome 3.

Now I see in "Application" section of Gnome Shell both "Komodo Edit 7" and "Komodo Edit 5" despite of only "Komodo Edit 7" is installed.

How to remove the old icon?

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This is likely because Komodo Edit sticks a .desktop file somewhere that Gnome Shell picks up, and it's not getting removed (probably for lack of an "uninstall" functionality). So, you'll have to dig through your folders a little bit to try to find where it's hiding. Here are some of the common places that I know of:

  1. ~/.local/share/applications
  2. /usr/share/applications
  3. ~/desktop
  4. ~/.wine/ (if it's a Wine program, it might be somewhere here)

According to Gnome's documentation, 1 and 2 are the most likely places.

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I've had the same issue with wine application and I couldn't find the .desktop anywhere.

Wine a nasty, even if your ~/.local/share/applications looks clean, you may want to check twice. I my case it was in a hidden subfolder:


With you may not notice at first. Bottom line is to always look for hiddens folders.

I hope this help someone someday.

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