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I'm have a problem, I cannot access the internet. I'm using a dell inspiron 6400 with debian kernel 3.2 installed. My windows manager is xfce4. I was never able to figure out the wired network, however at my home I had the wireless network working just fine. I'm at my mom's house now, and I can't get the wireless to connect. I connected with wicd, and it says that I'm connected, however I can't access the internet(seems very strange).

I have a CS assignment due before I get home, so I need to figure this out very quickly. Is there anything I can do to determine my connectivity?

Thanks for the help guys, just ask if you need any additional info.

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Are your gateway and nameserver correct? Can you ping your router / access point or another host in your local network? Can you ping an Internet host (e.g. or – scai Nov 16 '12 at 8:31
The only way I can "connect" is by selecting WEP (Hex [0-9/A-F]). I can ping the router. However the dns seems messed up. The rest of the computers on the network are having no trouble at all. – Scriptonaut Nov 16 '12 at 8:43

The wifi being "connected" only gives you the physical layer.

Are your IP settings plausable? Did you set static IP because DHCP didn't work at home?

ifconfig wlan0 (or name of wifi interface)

Check routing

route -n

Do you have a default gateway? If not, set the correct one

route add default gw <ip of gateway>

Can you ping an internal address (The router?)

ping <router address>

Can you ping externally?


Is DNS set correctly?

nslookup google.com

No? Then set it manually for now:

nano -w /etc/resolv.conf
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