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EDIT: found mistake, it was actually bug in my program, I had > instead of >= in my for loop that reads coefficients.

I'm fairly new to linux, and I need help with bash scripting.

I have C program, that takes data from stdin in this form:

Degree of A:
Coefficients of A:
.... //reads nA+1 numbers, separated by white space (e.g. 1 2 3 8 -5 ...)
Degree of B:
Coefficients of B:
.... //reads nB+1 numbers, same as A.

I'm trying to debug my program, since it has trouble with big amounts of numbers (takes a lot of time, when it shouldn't). So I created bash script that generates lot of numbers, then stores them in file, edits it a little bit and then sends it to stdin of my program, here is the script:

rm tmp.txt
for i in range {0..5000}
    COUNT=`expr $COUNT + 1`
    echo $(($RANDOM%100 - 50)) >> tmp.txt
echo 1 > in1.txt
echo '1 2' >> in1.txt
echo $(($COUNT-1)) >> in1.txt
cat tmp.txt |tr '\n' ' ' >> in1.txt
time ./a.out < in1.txt

This creates file called tmp.txt, that has lots of numbers, each on a new line. So I then echo few numbers to a new file called in1.txt (they correspond to A from example above). After that, I echo number of B's into that file and then take tmp.txt, replace \n with white space and append it to that file. After all that is done, I time how long does the program execute.

Problem is, it has trouble with the last line. Program executes, but with the wrong data. Here is snippet of in1.txt file:

1 2
-30 50 <long line of numbers ...>

What am I doing wrong here?

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What problems does the program have with the last line? –  choroba Nov 15 '12 at 8:30
It takes line that has 1 2 and parses it as number of A's and number of B's, instead of coefficients of A. It works if I do it by hand, but I need to test it on large amount of numbers. –  xerwin Nov 15 '12 at 8:39

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